Pre-Natal Care

Pre-Natal Care

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We invite you to experience wellness, healing and inspiration.

Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable therapies for your needs.
Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to arrival to secure your desired programme.

Prior to your programme you may enjoy up to one hour complimentary use of golf or tennis facilities.

All include a Healing Elixir or Tea Offering

We offer specially designed rituals for expectant mothers. Pre-natal rituals are available for woman over 12 weeks of pregnancy and take into account all contraindications, avoiding the general use of essential oils during pregnancy as advised by the Aromatherapy Organisations Council.

Fivelements Wellness for Life™ Consultation

60 min 1.250

Our consultation and personalised wellness programme for optimal health.

Whether your goals relate to health, appearance, enhanced mood and energy levels, or improving your game, we offer a wellness programme based on Fivelements therapies, sessions, and nutritional guidance. Following a health and lifestyle questionnaire, enjoy an informal discussion with our Wellness Liaison about your current situation and wellbeing goals. This open sharing and intuitive consultation provides the framework for identifying and understanding physical, mental, emotional areas of your life which could benefit from additional attention and support. From here we develop a custom-made Fivelements programme including relevant treatments and sessions with our committed team of therapists, as well as nutritional guidance and tools and strategies for healthier living. As you move through this collaborative programme, a gradual discovery and healing process naturally unfolds leading to greater harmony of mind, body and spirit, enhancing your health and quality of life.

Fivelements’ personalised wellness programmes feature:
— Balinese-inspired healing rituals for purification, balancing and regeneration
— Gourmet plant-based cuisine for health, beauty and longevity
— Sacred Arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication

We invite you on a personal journey towards improved wellness, inspiration and vitality.

Over the Rainbow (Pre-Natal)

90 min 1.680

Treat yourself to this delightful top-to-toe body care ritual, beginning with a deeply soothing calf massage and a warm aromatic floral foot bath. A fresh serum blend of aloe vera and cold pressed coconut oil are then massaged on your whole body with long sweeping effleurage to aid lymphatic drainage and relieve water retention. Finally, you will receive a traditional Balinese tummy mask with “kencur”, aromatic galangal, a mild ginger-like root. This secret recipe has been shared over generations by Balinese royalty, for promoting skin elasticity for the mother-to-be, and creating a warming cocoon for the baby. Complete this relaxing journey with a luxurious face, decollete and neck massage. Treasure this newfound feeling of ease and radiant beauty.

This session is accompanied by a refreshing glass of coconut water.

Aquatic Bodywork

60 min
Allow additional time for changing and showering

While floating in our heated hydrotherapy pool, receive gentle movements and stretches to create ease in body, stillness in mind, and peace in your heart.

Breathe and unwind as you float effortlessly in the warm water. Heat relaxes your body, and thoughts melt away. Supporting you almost invisibly, your therapist glides you though water to experience the pleasing sensation of water caressing your skin. Fall into meditation, entranced by the rhythm and pleasure of your own breathing. As you receive gradual movement and stretch, new fluidity and flexibility awakens in your spine and joints. Long held tensions release, and your body opens into new freedom and ease. In stillness, find safety, timelessness, and peace. Feel supported and nurtured by Life itself.

Our Water Healing sessions are conducted in our purpose built Watsu hydrotherapy pool, the first of its kind in Hong Kong and an exclusive experience of Fivelements.

Balinese Garden Facial (Pre & Post-Natal)

60 min 1.280

This gentle facial is ideal for mothers-to-be and nursing mothers. It begins with a moisturising coconut milk cleanse and flower tonic followed by a fresh sweet corn scrub, rich in vitamins and magnesium, to free your skin from dead cells. A face, decollete and neck massage with virgin coconut oil will deeply hydrate and relax you. A honey, lime and cucumber mask will activate regeneration leaving your skin velvety smooth and silky.

Harmony Massage (Pre-Natal)

60 min 1.380

Massage during pregnancy relieves aches and strain, provides emotional support, and improves health of mother and baby

Unwind and be comforted with nurturing touch. As you rest comfortably on your side, supported with plenty of pillows and cushions, back and joint aches are eased away. Return to free and open breathing as you relax and receive gentle Balinese massage. Enhancing circulation, massage relieves pressure and swelling in your hands and feet, and improves heart health and oxygen supply for baby. Pure virgin coconut oil improves your skin’s elasticity, leaving it smooth, soft and protected. Invisibly, caring touch works to balance hormones and lift your mood. As you enjoy pleasing touch, be reassured knowing that massage has been shown to improve labour outcomes and the health of newborns. Emerge relaxed, enjoying your beautiful maternal glow.

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