Post-Natal Care

Post-Natal Care

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We invite you to experience wellness, healing and inspiration.

Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable therapies for your needs.
Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to arrival to secure your desired programme.

Prior to your programme you may enjoy up to one hour complimentary use of golf or tennis facilities.

All include a Healing Elixir or Tea Offering

We offer specially designed rituals for new mothers. Post-natal rituals are available for mothers 1-2 month post-partum and take into account all contraindications, avoiding the general use of essential oils during pregnancy as advised by the Aromatherapy Organisations Council.

Fivelements Wellness for Life™ Consultation

60 min 1.250

Our consultation and personalised wellness programme for optimal health.

Whether your goals relate to health, appearance, enhanced mood and energy levels, or improving your game, we offer a wellness programme based on Fivelements therapies, sessions, and nutritional guidance. Following a health and lifestyle questionnaire, enjoy an informal discussion with our Wellness Liaison about your current situation and wellbeing goals. This open sharing and intuitive consultation provides the framework for identifying and understanding physical, mental, emotional areas of your life which could benefit from additional attention and support. From here we develop a custom-made Fivelements programme including relevant treatments and sessions with our committed team of therapists, as well as nutritional guidance and tools and strategies for healthier living. As you move through this collaborative programme, a gradual discovery and healing process naturally unfolds leading to greater harmony of mind, body and spirit, enhancing your health and quality of life.

Fivelements’ personalised wellness programmes feature:
— Balinese-inspired healing rituals for purification, balancing and regeneration
— Gourmet plant-based cuisine for health, beauty and longevity
— Sacred Arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication

We invite you on a personal journey towards improved wellness, inspiration and vitality.

Mindfulness for Healthy Mother, Happy Baby (Post-Natal)

60 min 1.280

This is a powerful session for teaching mindfulness for the body, mind and spirit of both you and your baby. Following the belief, “it’s never too early to start a meditation practice,” this session is specially designed to teach simple techniques and life-long skills for creating and maintaining a beautiful mind and harmonious life — the ultimate wellness. Gently guided by our dedicated meditation teacher, this sweet mindfulness practice aims to calm the mind, center your being and allow your natural maternal radiance to shine.

Balinese Angel Massage (Children)

45 min 380

Indulge your little angel in a nourishing coconut oil massage with relaxing traditional Balinese movements known to improve circulation, respiration, digestion and elimination in addition to stimulating the nervous system and brain. Our therapists’ loving touch will nurture your little angel and bring about a lovely sense of peace and calmness.

Suitable for ages 5 – 11 years

Balinese Baby Massage

45 min 380

The Balinese have practiced baby massage for centuries as a post-bathing ritual using pure virgin coconut oil harvested in the hills of Mount Agung. Today, mothers and fathers all over the world are experiencing the powerful benefits of massage as a nurturing and loving way to connect with their babies, helping calm and settle both parents and babies and induce deeper sleep. Baby massage can encourage the optimum development of your baby’s brain, body and other organs. At the same time it stimulates circulation, digestion and neurological development and can help to alleviate colic, gas and teething as well as improve your baby’s immune system. Our trained Balinese therapists will share gentle massage motions and demonstrate a simple sequence for you to embrace as part of your baby’s bedtime ritual. We promote massage as a lifelong parenting skill with benefits to the whole family.

Most suitable for parents with babies 2-10 months old.

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