Athlete Training Support

Athlete Training Support

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We invite you to experience wellness, healing and inspiration.

Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable therapies for your needs.
Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to arrival to secure your desired programme.

Prior to your programme you may enjoy up to one hour complimentary use of golf or tennis facilities.

All include a Healing Elixir or Tea Offering

Fivelements Wellness for Life™ Consultation

60 min 1.250

Our consultation and personalised wellness programme for optimal health.

Whether your goals relate to health, appearance, enhanced mood and energy levels, or improving your game, we offer a wellness programme based on Fivelements therapies, sessions, and nutritional guidance. Following a health and lifestyle questionnaire, enjoy an informal discussion with our Wellness Liaison about your current situation and wellbeing goals. This open sharing and intuitive consultation provides the framework for identifying and understanding physical, mental, emotional areas of your life which could benefit from additional attention and support. From here we develop a custom-made Fivelements programme including relevant treatments and sessions with our committed team of therapists, as well as nutritional guidance and tools and strategies for healthier living. As you move through this collaborative programme, a gradual discovery and healing process naturally unfolds leading to greater harmony of mind, body and spirit, enhancing your health and quality of life.

Fivelements’ personalised wellness programmes feature:
— Balinese-inspired healing rituals for purification, balancing and regeneration
— Gourmet plant-based cuisine for health, beauty and longevity
— Sacred Arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication

We invite you on a personal journey towards improved wellness, inspiration and vitality.

Bali Usada Muscle Release

90 min 1.680

Our invigorating and therapeutic full body massage combines deep kneading, passive stretch, and joint mobilisation.

The session opens with weighted palm pressure and artful stretches. As the spine is stretched from sacrum to skull, space opens for spinal nerves and blood flow. Applying a traditional herbal oil to improve circulation and relieve muscle stiffness, massage begins with an engaging pace. Brisk movements lead into deeper kneading and sculpting of the muscles along the spine, shoulder blades, and neck. Warming friction soothes and softens muscles of the lower back as quick fingers release knots in the muscle fibers. The full body massage alternates with stretches and joint mobilisation at the shoulders, spine, and hips, breathing new ease and freedom in the joints. Palm pressure and sliding forearm strokes circulate stale blood and bring a new aliveness in the tissues. As the session nears completion, a hot compress releases the neck and traction decompresses the cervical spine. Rest in stillness - easeful, peaceful, and present.

This massage is recommended for athletes of every kind, from professionals-in-training to weekend hikers and for those in need of a deep therapeutic massage.

Spice Island Tribute

120 min

Step back in time and experience the richness of these ancient maritime spices as you journey through this signature ritual. Once traded between Indonesia and China and reaching as far as the Mediterranean, these spices remain highly sought after today for their wonderfully fragrant culinary and potent medicinal properties. Begin with a deeply relaxing traditional massage, followed by an authentic “Balinese boreh” scrub with powdered rice, clove and aromatic ginger, aimed to free your skin from dead cells and promote circulation as spice-penetrating heat melts away your tension. Allow the secrets of these time-honoured ingredients to unveil as you immerse in a mystical bath of freshly ground coriander, clove, star anise and cardamom. Relax, refresh and recharge with new energy.

For centuries, the Balinese have used these healing spices for daily spiritual purification and for many physical ailments. As they improve circulation and are anti-inflammatory they help to relieve muscle aches and joint stiffness, cramps, rheumatism and arthritis as well as improving immunity. This ritual is also highly effective for jet lag relief.

Ultimate Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

60 min 1.380

An invigorating therapeutic massage relieving stress-related tension in the upper body

The Ultimate begins with the soothing heat of therapists’ hands as a call to presence. A hot compress and weighted palm pressure down the back soothes and brings a sigh of relief as muscles release. Confident hands vigorously sculpt the muscles of the back, glutes, neck and shoulders, smoothing out knots in the muscle fibres. Drift into deep relaxation, as brisk invigorating massage gives way to smooth slow strokes and aches release into ease. The back massage culminates with a second hot compress and slow weighted palm pressure as you drift into the space beyond mind. The session continues with artful strokes to ease tension in the chest and free the neck. A massage on the temples and scalp relieves mental fatigue, bringing clarity and freshness. As your therapist gently seals your ears and eyes with their hands, the session dissolves into inner stillness: the Ultimate.

Heaven to Earth Foot Massage

60 min
90 min

Believed to have been brought to Indonesia from China in ancient times, foot massage is a natural healing art dating back thousands of years. This treatment applies pleasing and therapeutic pressure to reflex zones of the feet promoting healthy chi and blood circulation in corresponding organs and glands. The main benefits of this treatment include stress and pain reduction, improved blood circulation, improved immune system and increased energy.

Sports Osteopathy

First Consult 60 min
Follow-up 30 min
Follow-up 60 min
Add Sauna 15 min

Designed for athletes or people with everyday aches and pains. This treatment focuses on body imbalances and chronic or niggling injuries that are impeding performance or hindering improvement. Systematic evaluation of the body is conducted at every session and treatment applied to the areas needing rehabilitation. The Osteopathic techniques used are typically structural in nature including soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulation.
Designed for athlete training support.

Aquatic Bodywork for Athletes

45 min
Allow additional time for changing and showering

Experience Aquatic Bodywork emphasising massage, stretch, and joint mobilisation. As you rest upon a flotation pillow, our therapist is free to move around your body using both hands for more specific bodywork. Excludes changing and showering.

Meditation & Mindfulness for the Game

60 min 1.280

Great athletic performance requires preparation of both body and mind. Meditation and mindfulness techniques develop your ability to maintain effortless focus and be absolutely present for the game. Give yourself a clear advantage by preparing with visualisation techniques, mentally warming-up for success.

Private Sauna Session

45 min
1-2 Guests

Enjoy a private sauna session in our Detox Suite. Sauna therapy promotes wellbeing by increasing blood circulation throughout the body. The result is greater relaxation, soothing aches and pains, relieving inflammation, and flushing out toxins. Additional benefits include cardiovascular health, longevity and anti-ageing, acne skin therapy, a deeper more relaxed sleep. Athletes will also appreciate the sauna’s ability to boost cardiovascular endurance. We recommend alternating sauna sessions in combination with cold hydrotherapy showers. Rehydrate with coconut water included in this rejuvenating therapy. Relax, unwind and recharge.

* These services are available for ages 18 and over with consultation.

Private Steam Session

45 min
1-2 Guests

Steam therapy helps to open up airways, improve breathing and alleviate congestion, thus, soothing asthma, bronchitis and sinus conditions. Similar to the infrared sauna, steam also aids circulation and promotes a healthy and deep sleep. Rehydrate with coconut water included in this rejuvenating therapy. Breathe deeply, relax and recharge.

* These services are available for ages 18 and over with consultation

For optimum health, wellness and high performance, a cleansing and detox programme is highly recommended. Please refer to our Cleansing and Detox Specialised Menu. Our Wellness Liaisons are pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable experiences for your needs.

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