Water Healing

Water Healing

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Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable treatments and experiences for your needs, whether choosing from one of our bespoke wellness programmes, a la carte private sessions or scheduled group classes. Please contact our Wellness Concierge for reservations and class schedules.

Prior to your wellness experience, one hour use of golf or tennis facilities is included.

  • This session is accompanied by a refreshing glass of coconut water.

    Our Water Healing sessions are conducted in our purpose built Watsu hydrotherapy pool, the first one of its kind in Hong Kong and an exclusive experience of Fivelements.

    Water Healing Journey

    90 min 2.400
    Begin with guided breathing and relaxation before stepping into the pool, inviting a deeper process of trust and surrender once in the water. Setting healing intentions for the session, consider the pool as a sacred space dedicated to your healing and blossoming of your spirit. As you glide seamlessly through the water, let yourself go as the therapist follows subtle cues from your body and breathing to guide the session and your graceful unfolding. If you are naturally at home in the water, take the opportunity for underwater submersions, entering a dream-like state and the sensation of freedom, lightness and the exhilaration of flying through space.

    Aquatic Bodywork

    60 min
    Allow additional time for changing and showering
    While floating in our heated hydrotherapy pool, receive gentle movements and stretches to create ease in body, stillness in mind, and peace in your heart.

    Breathe and unwind as you float effortlessly in the warm water. Heat relaxes your body, and thoughts melt away. Supporting you almost invisibly, your therapist glides you though water to experience the pleasing sensation of water caressing your skin. Fall into meditation, entranced by the rhythm and pleasure of your own breathing. As you receive gradual movement and stretch, new fluidity and flexibility awakens in your spine and joints. Long held tensions release, and your body opens into new freedom and ease. In stillness, find safety, timelessness, and peace. Feel supported and nurtured by Life itself.

    Aquatic Bodywork for Athletes

    45 min
    Allow additional time for changing and showering
    Experience Aquatic Bodywork emphasing massage, stretch, and joint mobilisation. As you rest upon a flotation pillow, our therapist is free to move around your body using both hands for more specific bodywork.

  • Guests Experiences


    I am still amazed by the experience and the next time you come back, I want to do it again.
    I've been feeling a lot more relaxed and feel like I'm in better control of my life. Not sure control is the word, but I am much more able to tackle my personal life and work etc.
    On a physical level, no pain in my knees and my shoulders! Amazing!!! Honestly... I've had so many problems with it in the last year.
    The only way I can describe that experience for me was extremely spiritual and transformational.
    It has also helped my grieving process tremendously. Thank you again.
    I hope my hubby can share my experience :) I'm so excited to see how he experiences it.

    Jolene, November 2017


The Art of Water Healing with Isa

15 September - 15 October

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