The Art of Water Healing with Isa

The Art of Water Healing with Isa

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  • The Art of Water Healing with Isa

    15 September - 15 October

    Creator of Hong Kong’s first watsu water healing pool and a pioneering advocate of innovative water healing journeys in Asia, Fivelements is pleased to introduce Isa Mat, our master in residence for water healing therapy.

    Let go and float effortlessly... in our hydrotherapy watsu pool as our master in residence gently glides you through the water, applying artful stretches and luxurious massage assisted by heated water. As you allow yourself to relax and surrender to the support of the water and free movement, the body unwinds and releases holding patterns, inviting healing on the mental and emotional planes. Profoundly relaxing and nurturing, this therapy recalls the safety, timelessness and peacefulness of the womb.

    Fivelements’ guiding philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, living in harmony among spirit, human and nature, comes to life with human and elemental union and a sense of the deeper connection to life.

    With expertise in the aquatic bodywork traditions of Watsu and Water Dance, we humbly share this gift of love.

  • The Art of Water Healing with Isa

    15 September - 15 October

    Isa Mat

    A Fivelements Wellness Curator, Isa has dedicated her life to the art of water healing.

    For more than a decade, she has facilitated hundreds of transformational journeys in water healing therapy, conscious living and integrative wellness programmes. Her warm spirit and calm confidence offers guests the gentle support needed to deepen their journey into self-awareness, compassion and love. Isa’s skilful grace and gentle touch nurtures a safe cradle to let go and be held in an extraordinary exploration of the ever expanding possibilities in water.

  • The Art of Water Healing with Isa

    15 September - 15 October

    Water Healing with Isa (90 min)

    $2.400 per person


    * Participants enjoy a 15% savings on a la carte wellness rituals on the date of the event, upon availability
    * All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars
  • Guests Experiences


    “You’ve stepped into the presence of a master. A master at presence itself. There is literally no one I would recommend more you experience this therapy with. Let yourself fall into her arms. You can thank me later.”

    Dr. Andrea Paige, USA


    She sat me down and looked me in the eyes. With a whispered intensity and full presence that made me aware that I was on the edge.

    On the edge of life
    Or death
    She asked me to stay with my sensation and be aware of my mind: of course, the deepest meditation... letting go.

    And so it was - as I went in, I let myself go - she made it so easy. I knew she could see me. Hold me, guide me, steer from my skull. I became a rutter of relaxation, with Isa at the hull.

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