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We invite you to steep in the sacred atmosphere of this ultimate wellness experience and enjoy an inspiring day with us at Fivelements.

Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable treatments and experiences for your needs, whether choosing from one of our bespoke wellness programmes, a la carte private sessions or scheduled group classes. Please contact our Wellness Concierge for reservations and class schedules.

Prior to your wellness experience, one hour use of golf or tennis facilities is included.

  • All include a Healing Elixir or Tea Offering

    Signature Balinese Massage

    105 min 1.800
    Enjoy our soothing full body massage emphasising deep pressure with a meditative pace.

    The Balinese Signature Massage begins with gentle rocking to loosen and shake off accumulated layers of tension. In stillness, your therapist’s weighted palms walk the back and legs with a satisfying ache to grateful muscles. Listening hands and unhurried pace remind you to return to your senses and the body, as you enter a timeless space. With a luxurious application of coconut oil, smooth broad strokes soothe and please awaiting muscles. As the full body massage continues, entrancing waves of touch are punctuated by gentle stretches, loosening of the joints, hand and foot massage, kneading and acupressure. The touch is slow and aware, pressure is gradual and deep, interspersed with peaceful stillness and your own sighs of relief.

    Heaven Scent Aroma Massage

    60 min
    90 min
    Our gentle and entrancing full body massage with Fivelements essential oil blends leaves you light and enlivened.

    The Aroma Massage begins with reassuring hands on the back and grounding pressure on the soles of the feet. With full-bodied effleurage over the backs of the legs, take in the fragrance of Fivelements signature aromatherapy blend. Gentle pressure greets your calves and thighs with easy Swedish style strokes. Percussive vibration loosens the hamstrings and calves, reviving and bringing circulation. Therapist’s hands glide along the back, enlivening and relaxing the muscles. Fingers rain down the back with soothing waves of relaxation. As the full body massage continues, graceful rhythmic strokes lead you into effortless trance. Float away, returning in moments of grounding pressure. At the crown, gentle but firm acupressure eases tension in the scalp. As your therapist completes the treatment with a subtle energy flow, drift into absolute space.

    Bali Usada Muscle Release

    90 min 1.680
    Our invigorating and therapeutic full body massage combines deep kneading, passive stretch, and joint mobilisation.

    The session opens with weighted palm pressure and artful stretches. As the spine is stretched from sacrum to skull, space opens for spinal nerves and blood flow. Applying a traditional herbal oil to improve circulation and relieve muscle stiffness, massage begins with an engaging pace. Brisk movements lead into deeper kneading and sculpting of the muscles along the spine, shoulder blades, and neck. Warming friction soothes and softens muscles of the lower back as quick fingers release knots in the muscle fibers. The full body massage alternates with stretches and joint mobilisation at the shoulders, spine, and hips, breathing new ease and freedom in the joints. Palm pressure and sliding forearm strokes circulate stale blood and bring a new aliveness in the tissues. As the session nears completion, a hot compress releases the neck and traction decompresses the cervical spine. Rest in stillness - easeful, peaceful, and present.

    This massage is recommended for athletes of every kind, from professionals-in-training to weekend hikers and for those in need of a deep therapeutic massage.

    Dan Tien Rejuvenation

    90 min 1.680
    Gentle abdominal massage to detoxify and revitalise the digestive system

    Vibrant health depends on the vital power in the abdomen, the lower dan tien, where the healthy flow of blood and chi creates robust health. When the dan tien is weakened through neglect, emotional stress, poor diet, tension, toxins and stagnant energy, our vitality and mood are greatly compromised. Based on the centuries old Chinese practice of Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist internal organ massage), Dan Tien Rejuvenation combines gentle massage and energy work to increase circulation to the abdominal organs, detoxifying, cleansing and invigorating the entire digestive tract and energetic system. Gentle massage releases muscular knots hidden in the belly, resulting in freedom and lightness in the body as well as mental clarity and emotional ease. This treatment is a must for those suffering poor digestion, wind, constipation, irritable bowel, heartburn, or fatigue.

    Please attend the session on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after a meal. When possible, we recommend a series of 3 treatments for the most profound results.

    Ultimate Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

    60 min 1.380
    An invigorating therapeutic massage relieving stress-related tension in the upper body

    The Ultimate begins with the soothing heat of therapists’ hands as a call to presence. A hot compress and weighted palm pressure down the back soothes and brings a sigh of relief as muscles release. Confident hands vigorously sculpt the muscles of the back, glutes, neck and shoulders, smoothing out knots in the muscle fibres. Drift into deep relaxation, as brisk invigorating massage gives way to smooth slow strokes and aches release into ease. The back massage culminates with a second hot compress and slow weighted palm pressure as you drift into the space beyond mind. The session continues with artful strokes to ease tension in the chest and free the neck. A massage on the temples and scalp relieves mental fatigue, bringing clarity and freshness. As your therapist gently seals your ears and eyes with their hands, the session dissolves into inner stillness: the Ultimate.

    Heaven to Earth Foot Massage

    60 min
    90 min
    Believed to have been brought to Indonesia from China in ancient times, foot massage is a natural healing art dating back thousands of years. This treatment applies pleasing and therapeutic pressure to reflex zones of the feet promoting healthy chi and blood circulation in corresponding organs and glands. The main benefits of this treatment include stress and pain reduction, improved blood circulation, improved immune system and increased energy.

    Harmony Massage (Pre-Natal)

    60 min 1.380
    Massage during pregnancy relieves aches and strain, provides emotional support, and improves health of mother and baby.

    Unwind and be comforted with nurturing touch. As you rest comfortably on your side, supported with plenty of pillows and cushions, back and joint aches are eased away. Return to free and open breathing as you relax and receive gentle Balinese massage. Enhancing circulation, massage relieves pressure and swelling in your hands and feet, and improves heart health and oxygen supply for baby. Pure virgin coconut oil improves your skin’s elasticity, leaving it smooth, soft and protected. Invisibly, caring touch works to balance hormones and lift your mood. As you enjoy pleasing touch, be reassured knowing that massage has been shown to improve labour outcomes and the health of newborns. Emerge relaxed, enjoying your beautiful maternal glow.

    Suitable for woman in their 2nd & 3rd trimester.

    Cacao Butter Massage (Teens)

    60 min 1.180
    Enjoy this deeply relaxing traditional Balinese massage with warm cacao butter. A combination of massage techniques including rolling, kneading, foot massage and acupressure are applied to relieve tension, growing pains and school stress, aiding improved digestion, skin conditions and greater body-mind awareness. This treatment will gently stimulate your senses and bring about greater calmness and focus. Enjoy a gourmet vegan chocolate treat to celebrate one of the world’s greatest nutrients.

    Suitable for ages 12 – 17 years

    Balinese Angel Massage (Children)

    45 min 380
    Indulge your little angel in a nourishing coconut oil massage with relaxing traditional Balinese movements known to improve circulation, respiration, digestion and elimination in addition to stimulating the nervous system and brain. Our therapists’ loving touch will nurture your little angel and bring about a lovely sense of peace and calmness.

    Suitable for ages 5 – 11 years

    Balinese Baby Massage

    45 min 380
    The Balinese have practiced baby massage for centuries as a post-bathing ritual using pure virgin coconut oil harvested in the hills of Mount Agung. Today, mothers and fathers all over the world are experiencing the powerful benefits of massage as a nurturing and loving way to connect with their babies, helping calm and settle both parents and babies and induce deeper sleep. Baby massage can encourage the optimum development of your baby’s brain, body and other organs. At the same time it stimulates circulation, digestion and neurological development and can help to alleviate colic, gas and teething as well as improve your baby’s immune system. Our therapists will share gentle massage motions and demonstrate a simple sequence for you to embrace as part of your baby’s bedtime ritual. We promote massage as a lifelong parenting skill with benefits to the whole family.

    Most suitable for parents with babies 2-10 months old.

  • June Wellness Ritual Special Offer

    Awakening Men’s Facial

    Awakening Men’s Facial

    Reserve an Awakening Men’s Facial (75 min) by 30 April 2018 and enjoy 15% savings. Awaken to a luminous complexion and calm state of mind.

    $1,088 per person 15% Savings included.

    • Reservations required
    • Valid thru 30 June 2018
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