My Fivelements experiences have all been outstanding, in Bali as well as Hong Kong. Lahra and Chicco Tatriele have really managed to bring Fivelement’s Balinese essence to Hong Kong and adapt it to the new environment, yet staying true to the brand’s authentic nature. What an achievement! Lahra and Chicco are able to see and set trends for society, marrying holistic views and wisdom with modern, commercial values, creating something beautiful that appeals to the people. I look forward to seeing Fivelements’ ongoing growth, and I hope to experience many more beautiful properties and projects Lahra and Chicco lend their hands to.

Vivienne Tang
Founder of Destination Deluxe


Chicco, it is by far the most AWESOME experience ever in HK! IT is the first time which my husband Tommy is willing to do any wellness or spiritual activity with me. He never tried vegan food either. He was amazed! We felt like we were in Bali and not in HK at all!.

Peggy Choi
August 2017


Vegan! I have never thought about that! But was tempted to come for a try because of the beautiful and cozy ambience of the restaurant with it's surroundings. Since then, I had always came back for more not only healthy but delicious meals filled with surprises! I am not a big fan of smoothies but I love every single one of theirs! At their dinner club, each course was a surprise to your taste palette with an eye-opening enjoyment of exceptional food presentation!

 Priscilla Pang September 2017


 A magical night in Hong Kong.  The dinner club at Fivelements is not just another night out for dinner.  It's a culinary experience that is highly anticipated by the HKGTA patrons and their friends.  And something even my husband, a skeptic at first, but now he looks forward to going. Food should inspire, bring people together, be good for you and of course be delicious in a beautiful space.  That's what this experience is about.

 Leigh Tsang September 2017


 We knew the food at Sakti is great but our recent dessert experience was a highlight. Our group of 5 tried one item each from the dessert menu and we couldn't decide which dish was more delicious, so we had to share all dishes with each other! It's special to experience such tasty food in the calm environments of the Sakti restaurant, and we will be surely back many more times.

September 2017


As I walked into the Tea Lounge, I was firstly settled by the serenity of the beautiful sorroundings - the pond, the flowers and trees. It felt like I was walking into a garden in Bali. To have a cup of tea looking out the garden was just simply peaceful. The lounge had variety of tea selections which would suit for everyone. I would look for this place whenever i need a moment to keep calm and detox my mind and body ;)

 Helen Lee
September 2017